Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Ferling Project Part 2: The Fast Ones - UPDATED 25 JULY 2016

I never really intended to record the even numbered Ferling etudes.  For me, the greatest value lies within the slow etudes.  See my other post The Ferling Project for the complete set of the slow etudes including those in the Mule edition.  Here I am, however, with two of the fast etudes complete.  I am not editing these, and it is a little harder to get a clean take than with the slow ones.  I think it is important, though, to present them raw as they will often be played in practice or in lessons.  My interpretations are fleeting.  The examples I have presented are only that, examples, and the next time I play them might be quite different.  In fact, I was experimenting with several different ideas for etude number 2.  The one I settled on is not necessarily my favorite musical idea, but it is cleaner than the others.  I am not concerned with metronome markings; you may find my tempos quite different than Mule's or Andraud's markings.  That's okay.  Those metronome markings are not Ferling's.  I am, however, trying to capture the spirit of each etude as notated in Ferling's tempo/style markings.  I may add to this project over time, so keep your eye out for updates.  I hope you find these helpful.  Best wishes!

Ferling Etude No. 2

Ferling Etude No. 4

Ferling Etude No. 6

Ferling Etude No. 8

Ferling Etude No. 10

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