Monday, August 11, 2014


There it is!... the source of my misery and frustration... but also of joy, beauty, peace, and inspiration.
I am both its slave and its master, its addict and caretaker. Fundamentally a machine, it has taught me humility and patience, but it serves as the voice of my heart, the vehicle for the wordless language of my soul.
Growing up in the tradition of Marcel Mule as passed on to me by Eugene Rousseau, I have been a student of the saxophone for 27 years and counting. I am a teacher, performer, scholar, and recording artist. I have had a wide range of experiences that continue to challenge my beliefs and perceptions, and which I pray will lead to even a modest sum of wisdom. It is my goal, through this blog, to share some of this with you, to pass on what I have learned (said in the voice of Yoda). As such, I plan to offer up my experience and philosophies on the saxophone and music in general with the full knowledge that there are often many other "correct" answers. Your mileage may vary, and to me, that is one of the greatest beauties of music, that you and I can have different opinions and still both be right. It is when we insist on one right answer that a music will start to die. That being said, I hope to provide some very useful tools to aid you in your growth as a saxophonist, and I hope this blog will be a useful addition to your life.

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